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Research Tutorial

This tutorial aims to help develop effective library research skills and critical thinking skills in all courses at Prince George's Community College.

CQ Researcher

Covering today's most important issues and controversial subjects, CQ Researcher has been the choice of students over 80 years. Each weekly issue—written by an experienced CQ Press reporter—is an in-depth, single topic report featuring more than 12,000 words of text and extensive bibliographies.

Searching - CQ Researcher

The landing page for the CQ Researcher database highlights recent issues in the news and featured reports; which change periodically.  

Basic Search

The Basic search box is located in the top middle of the page, under the CQ Researcher banner. The search box allows you to enter search terms, including using Boolean Operators to help limit your search. 
Enter your keywords and click on "Go". For this example we used "Abortion"

A list of results will display. These results are arranged by relevance.  

  • Score: the higher the number, the more relevant it is to your search term
  • Title: the title of the report
  • Date: this indictates the last day this report (or topic) was updated
Click on the title of a report to view it. All the reports in CQ Researcher follow the same format. On the left is the report menu. In the middle is the content of the report. On the right side is the "Issue Tracker" and related topics.

Report Menu - this menu allows you to choose which section of the report to view. By default, the Full Report option is displayed. 

Issue tracker- this area shows other related reports and their date of publication or last update. 

Browse Reports by Topic

To browse the Topics covered by CQ Researcher, click on the "Browse Reports" link. From the drop-down menu choose "By Topic". 
A new page will load with a list of all the general Topics covered by CQ Researcher. Click on a topic to narrow it down further. For this example the "Employment, Labor, and Income" topic was chosen.
A new page will load displaying the topics covered under the general subject of "Employment, Labor, and Income". Click on a topic to narrow it down further. For this example the "Equal Employment Opportunity & Discrimination" topic was chosen.
A new page will load displaying all the reports that are related to the chosen topic. Click on the title of a report to open it.  

Managing Articles - CQ Researcher

The CQ Researcher database also has tools that allow you to manage your results. 

Individual Articles

Each individual article has a blue toolbar located at the top of the page. This toolbar has a variety of options to help you manage your articles.

EMAIL - While in article view, click on the "Email" drop-down menu. Choose which section of the report you want to e-mail, or e-mail the full report. 
A pop-up window will open. Accurately type your email address in the Recipient's E-mail Address box, then click "Send E-mail". 
SAVE TO FLASH DRIVE- connect flash drive to the USB port. With the full text of the article on the screen, click on the "View PDF" link on the blue tool bar.  A new page (or tab) will open displaying the PDF. 
From the PDF menu, find the save icon (similar to the one pictured below) and click on it. The "Save As" dialog opens. Save in the designated drive for the flash drive. Give the file a name. Click Save.
CITATION TOOLS- this database provides help with citations. Click on the "CiteNow!" link on the blue toolbar. A pop-up window will open displaying the citation. The default citation is in APA format, if this is not the style you are using, click on the name of the style at the top (highlighted in the picture below) to change it.   
PRINT- With the full text of the article on the screen, click on the "Print" drop-down menu on the blue toolbar. Choose which section you want to print or full report. Note: when using a computer in the Library Reference and Research area, printouts are picked up at the Circulation Counter. The cost is $0.10 per printed black and white page and $0.25 per color page.