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Faculty Resources: Gwynn Room (A221)

This guide provides information about library services available to PGCC faculty.

Thomas S. Gwynn Room (A221)


Who is responsible for opening and closing the room? 

The person who uses the room is responsible for opening and closing it. The key is available in the Administrative Office (A200).

Reservations & Cancellations

I am a campus employee, how do I reserve A221?

Click on the desired date in your calendar, proxy to A221 in the Outlook Calendar. Click OK. If the desired date and time is available, send an appointment to A221.

Can I reserve the room through my office secretary?

The office secretary should be able to assist you with reservations if you are unsure how to access the Outlook calendar.

Can off-campus organizations use the room?

No. The room is for use by College faculty, staff, students, and administrators for college related activities.

How do I cancel or change reservations?

If you are having difficulties with cancelations, send an e-mail to A221 or call x0462 to request cancelations or changes. The room is in great demand, please make cancelations or changes as soon as possible so that others may schedule in the vacated time slot. 


How many chairs are available?

There are 42 chairs for use at tables. There are ten lounge chairs.

Where can I go to get additional chairs if needed? 

See the secretary in A200. She will assist you with getting additional chairs.

How many tables are available? What size are they?

There are 25 - 5' x 2' tables

Room Set-up

Do I need to check with Facilities to have the room set-up?

The room is currently set up with tables and chairs. If changes to the layout are needed, they can be made by those using the room, a designee or Facilities.


Are there projectors/screens for computer presentations?

Yes, there is a projector and screen at each end of the room.

Is there a laptop and/or computer in this room?

Yes, but contact AV Technology Services for assistance.

Are flip charts or easels available for use?

There is an easel that will accommodate a flip chart. (Flip charts to be provided by those using the room or see the secretary in room A200.)


Is food allowed in the room?

Yes, food is allowed. Clean-up should be done before leaving the room.

Can food be brought in from off campus?

Yes, however, campus policy concerning food must be followed. Contact Shakira Sawyer, College Life Services (x0848) for a price quote of your needs. If Thompson's exceeds your budget and the off-campus vendor is more affordable then you may proceed with the off-campus vendor. 

The Thomas S. Gwynn room is located on the second floor of Accokeek Hall. 

Any comments, suggestions or feedback from faculty, students or staff are highly recommended.

Please see Ms. Priscilla Thompson, Director of Library and Learning Resources or Ms. Crystal C. Carnegie, Executive Associate (A200). You may also call the main office at 301-546-0462.