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Academy of Health Sciences

This guide provides information about library services and resources available for students and teachers from the Academy of Health Sciences.

Print Books

E-book Spotlight

Below are samples of e-books available through the library's e-book collections:

Health Science E-books - GVRL

The following e-books are available through the Gale Virtual Reference Library

E-book Spotlight

Below are samples of e-books available through the library's e-book collections:

Library of Congress Classification

You can find health related books in the following Library of Congress sections:

R Medicine (General)
RA Public Aspects of Medicine
RB Pathology
RC Internal Medicine
RD Surgery
RE Ophthalmology
RF Otorhinolaryngology
RG Gynecology and Obstetrics
RJ Pediatrics
RK Dentistry
RL Dermatology
RM Therapetics / Pharmacology
RS Pharmacy
RT Nursing
RV Botanic, Thomsonian, and Eclectic Medicine
RX Homeopathy
RZ Other Systems of Medicine