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Research Process: Periodical Locator

This tutorial aims to help develop effective library research skills and critical thinking skills in all courses at Prince George's Community College.

Periodical Locator

Wondering if the library has a particular journal or magazine? Use the Periodical Locator to find electronic magazines, journals, and newspapers that are indexed in our online databases. You can search for periodicals in three different ways:

1. By Title - Search Box

screen cap periodical locator

  • Enter the title of the e-journal you wish to find in the search box
  • Click on the drop-down menu and choose an option
  • Click the Search button

2. By Title - Alphabetical List

screen cap periodical locator

  • Click on a letter to see a listing of all the titles that begging with it.

3. By Subject 

screen cap periodical locator

  • Select a subject from the drop-down menu and click search. 

Understanding the Results

The image below can help you understand the results of a periodical search:

screen cap periodical locator

To view the e-journal, click on the name of the database. This link will take you to a page with all the volumes and issues that the database carries for that particular e-journal. You can click on an issue to browse the articles or search within the publication using the search box. (This page varies by database - below is an example for Academic OneFile).

screen cap periodical locator