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Events Calendar: Watercolors

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Exhibition Highlights


Movements in Jazz by Diana Brown 

(Image: Diana Brown, Movements in Jazz, 2012)

This exhibition features the work of Prince George's Community College Watercolor I & II students: Rosebud Archer, Diana Brown, Michael Johnson, Liz Mayfield, Rachel Payne, Patrice Savoy, Susan Svenson, Hilda Talley, and Rhea Williams. 

Exhibition Information

This exhibition is not being displayed at this time. 

For more artist and exhibition information, contact:

Valerie WatsonWatercolor I & II Instructor

(301) 546-4770

Watercolor Classes

ART 1590 Watercolor I

An introductory course in basic watercolor painting. Emphasis is on techniques and traditional watercolor materials used by today's watercolorists. Includes composition, color concepts and history of watercolor painting. Students will attend lecture and demonstration classes and create their own paintings. Six studio hours.

This advanced course will cover watercolor techniques in depth. Students work with more refined techniques of the medium, such as large paper format, watercolor monoprints, and a more independent approach to their own work. Six studio hours.