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Open Educational Resources (OER): OER at PGCC


What are Z-Courses?

A Z-course is a section of a course that does not require purchasing textbooks and other learning resources. In this type of course, the instructors provide textbooks and other instructional materials electronically to students free of cost.

Z-course Offerings: Fall 2021

Course     Course Title Sections
AFA 1010 Intro to African-American Studies All 
ANT 1010 Intro to Physical Anthropology All 
ANT 1030 Intro to Cultural Anthropology All 
BIO 1110 Environmental Biology All 
BIO 1120 Environmental Biology Lab All 
BIO 2010 Microbiology All
BMK 2730 Retail Business Mngmt DL01
BMT 1010 Intro to Business All
BMT 1500 Developing a Professional Image All
BMT 1550 Elements of Supervision All
BMT 1570 Small Business Mngmt All
BMT 1600 Principles of Mngmt All
BMT 1650 Customer Service
BMT 2610 Human Resource Mngmt DL01,02
BMT 2660 Conflict Mngmt DL01
BMT 2720 Managing Workplace Diversity DL01
CHE 1010 General Chemistry I All; except RE01, RS01
CHE 2000 Chemistry for Engineering All
CHM 2010 Organic Chemistry I HY01,02
CHM 2020 Organic Chemistry II
CHM 2040 Organic Chemistry II Lab
CJT 1510 Intro to Criminal Justice DL01,02,03;DR01, HY01
CJT 2510 Criminal Law
CJT 2540 Criminal Evidence and Procedure All
CJT 2800 Professional Ethics in Criminal Justice DL01
CSM 1510 Residential Construction Mngmt All
CSM 2900 Construction Enterprise Project All
ECN 1050 Principles of Microeconomics All
EGL 0080 Foundations of College English All
EGL 0090 Adv Foundations of College English All
EGL 1010 Comp I: Expository Writing


EGL 1100 Comp II: Writing Issues
EGL 1340 Comp II: Writing Techniques DL05; RD04
EGL 2130 African American Lit DL01
EGL 2150 Intro to Creative Writing DL01
EGL 2160 Adv Creative Writing
EGL 2410 Mythology
EGR 2050 Signals and Systems All
EGR 2200 Statics All
EGR 2450 Electronic and Digital Circuit Laboratory All
ENT 1730 DC and AC Circuit Analysis All
ENT 1810 Internet of Things Fundamentals All
ENT 1850 Circuit Evaluation and Repair All
ENT 2680 CAD Portfolio Development All
ENT 2740 Digital Circuits LE01
ENT 2810 CPU Architecture All
ESL 0202 ESL-Advanced Composition All
FOS 2550 Photography in Forensic Sciences All
FOS 2600 Computer Forensics I
GEO 1010 Physical Geography All
GEO 1020 Physical Geography Lab All
HSM 1580 Using Technology in the Hospitality Industry All
HUS 2040 Intro to Social Work All
INT 1010 Intro to IT All
INT 1111 Programming Logic and Design All
INT 1450 CCNA 1 All
INT 1700 Understanding Operating Systems All
INT 1800 Internet and Web Technology All
INT 1850 Client-Side Web Development DL01
INT 2050 Starting Mobile Application Development LD01
INT 2140 Problem Solving with Spreadsheets All
INT 2200 Programming in Java All
INT 2240 Intro to Python LE01
INT 2530 Telecommunications All
INT 2610 Computer Forensics II All
INT 2681 Ethical Hacking Cert Prep All
INT 2719 AWS Cloud Computing Architecture All
INT 2840 Systems Analysis and Project Mngmt All
MAT 1350 Precalculus All
MAT 2410 Calculus I DL01,02; LD02
MUS 1010 Music Appreciation All
NTR 1100 Intro to Food Science All
PAR 1510 Intro to Law for the Paralegal All
PAR 2450 Legal Research
PAR 2530 Tort Law All
PAR 2540 Contracts All
PAR 2570 Wills, Estates, and Probate
PHL 1010 Intro to Philosophy All except (LD03, RD02, RD03, RE02)
PHL 1330 Ethics

DL04,05,06,07,09;RD03,04; RS01; XD01

PHL 2220 Metaphysics All
POS 1000 Intro to Politics DL01
POS 1010 American Government All
PSY 1010 General Psychology All
SPN 1010 Spanish for Beginners All
SPN 2040 Adv Conversation IN01
TED 1100 Principles in Early Childhood Ed All
TED 1110 Professional Dispositions  All
TED 1300 Methods for Early Child Ed All
TED 2000 Foundations of Ed All
TED 2001 Field Experience for Ed All
TED 2061 Field Experience for Ed Psy All
TED 2110 Infant and Toddler Curriculum  All
TED 2200 Behavior in Educational Settings All
TED 2300 Intro to Special Ed All
TED 2301 Field Experience for Special Ed All
TED 2350 Early Childhood Special Ed All
TED 2650 Child Care Center Administration All
TED 2830 Assessment All
THE 1010 Intro to Theatre All
THE 1501 Acting I All
THE 2070 Voice and Diction LD01
THE 2501 Acting II All
THE 2503 Stage Costumes All
THE 2504 Script Analysis DL01
THE 2505 Theatre History All
WMS 1010 Women's studies  DL01

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