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María Bonet

Electronic Resources Librarian
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María Bonet
301 Largo Rd.
Largo, MD 20774
(301) 546-0471
My work as a librarian spans for several years and is complemented by a rich academic background. I first pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida which includes studies in multiple areas such as Anthropology, Language and History. Then I earned a Master’s in Library Science from the University of South Florida, which provided insight into the organization and administration of libraries, their function in society, and an introduction to the necessary tools to help patrons with their research. Lastly, I added a Web Graphic Design Associates degree to my repertoire in response to the new technological demands of the field. I now have the skills necessary to create effective educational web sites, tutorials, and more.

I have taught in a number of diverse settings, from K-12 schools to the highly technological institutions ranging from pre-school to university level; in both the private and public sectors. Through this experience I have added a wide range of subjects to my research capabilities, including Law, Education, Medicine, History and Business Administration. Additional experience acquired includes, but is not limited to: reference services (in person, phone, and online chat), library instruction, planning and coordinating activities, evaluating collections, training and evaluating personnel, recommending appropriate acquisition of materials and equipment, collecting data, and preparing reports.

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