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Tutoring and Writing Centers: Online Tutoring Center

Online Tutoring Center

Online Tutoring Resource Center

This Blackboard site will allow students to access study tools and other resources for courses in which the Tutoring Center offers face to face tutoring.

Online Tutoring Center TUTORCTR (TutoringCenterlmaranto) self-enrollment procedure:

  • ​​Go to the Prince George's Community College Blackboard website, located at
  • Use your Blackboard account username and password to log in 
    • Note: When your login is successful, you will see the "My Courses" and "eOrganizations" tabs

  • Select the My Courses tab

  • Type the string TUTORCTR in the Course Search Box on the left side of the page, then click the GO button

  • The course ID (TutoringCenterlmaranto) for the Online Tutoring Center TUTORCTR will appear 

  • Click on the down arrows that are next to TutoringCenterlmaranto and select Enroll

  • Enter the Access Code (must be in lowercase):  t1u9spt

  • You will see a message similar to:

    Action Successful: Enrollment in Online Tutoring Center TUTORCTR (TutoringCenterlmaranto) as xxxx processed. Click OK to continue.

If you are looking for assistance from a tutor and would like to have online tutoring you will need to use Smarthinking which is available in Blackboard.