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Finding articles

Finding Specific Articles


You know exactly what you need.  But how do you find it?




Sarai / CC BY-SA 4.0 / Wikimedia Commons


Maybe your professor assigned you a specific article to read and you need to find it.  Maybe you are tracking down a reference from another article.  Maybe you found it on Google and you don't want to pay for it (and you shouldn't have to!).  Try the steps below.

Search for the title

Use the library search to search all of our resources for the specific article.  Use the search box (look above or to the left) or use the search on the front page of the library.  Just type in (or cut and paste) the title and hit Search!

Sometimes it will come right up.  If you don't see it right away you might need to refine your search.  Just use the options in the column on the left to select by content type, and pick the kind of article you are looking for.  You can pick more than one option if you are unsure.  Doing this will remove everything else from your search, like books and videos. 


Look for a particular journal or magazine

Maybe you don't remember the exact title, but you know the name of the journal that published the article.  Maybe you found your article and you want to look at other articles in the same magazine.   Or maybe you have an assignment where you have to find an article from a particular periodical.

Your first step is what we call the "periodical locator" or the "journal title search".   Look for the box above or to the left, or just click here.  Type in the title of the magazine or journal or newspaper and hit Search.

The periodical locator will link you to every PGCC library database that contains that publication.


Interlibrary loan

If you can't find your article in our library catalog, you can use our free interlibrary loan service.  This service asks other libraries to send us a copy of your article, and we will send it to your PGCC email when we get it.  We can usually get articles pretty quickly, though the time it takes depends on the availability of the article and can vary.

The interlibrary loan service is only for PGCC students, faculty, and staff.  You can't request things we already own or your textbooks, and not everything is available in electronic form. 

Using interlibrary loan requires you know the exact title of the article and the name of the journal where it was published.   If you don't know that information, ask a librarian for help before you make your request.

To make an interlibrary loan request, fill out the form here