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Introduction to Art (ART 1010)

Introduces students to the visual arts. Through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on activities, students develop an appreciation for art and an understanding of the elements of art and principles of design, artistic styles, specific art techniques, and major historical movements in art. 

African-American Art (ART 2720)

Beginning with the West and Central African cultures, this course traces the artistic exploration and achievements of African-American artists from the seventeenth-century artisans through the prolific period of the Harlem Renaissance to post modern and contemporary fine arts. The course examines the historical, economic, social, and cultural trends that have influenced African-American art. Students investigate the African-American artists’ visual voice through the historical Black experience that propels it.  

Art Survey - Museum Paper

In written format, convey that one has learned, and can apply, what they have learned from the course material through the analytical skills involved in art theory and criticism and further develop critical-thinking skills.

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