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PSY 2110 - Psychology and African-Americans: Assignment instructions

Assignment: Book Review Paper

PSY-2110-DL-01 - Spring 2020

Book Review Paper: 

Project Steps for the Book Review Paper

Submit a book review paper on a book on a psychological topic or themes covered in this course. The author must be an African-American psychologist.  If you need assistance on choosing your book, please feel free to contact your professor.  Your professor must approve the book prior to your writing this assignment.  You will post your book in a Discussion Board forum for approval.  Please note no self-help books can be used for this assignment.

Step 1:

Write a 5-7 page essay (12-point font size) excluding the cover page and reference page in APA format.  In your paper, the following criteria must be included: 1) briefly summarize the book, 2) critically analyze the author(s) main points and indicate the strengths and limitations of the book review, 3) comment on the findings, but add your own point of view, and 4) make your own recommendations to improve the book.

In your critical analysis, make sure you answer the following questions for your book review:  1) Are the results useful for readers in society?  2) How is the book relevant to this course, Psychology and African-Americans? 

Besides the preceding requirements, your paper will be graded on the following: 

a) adequate description of the topic

b) the thoughtfulness of your analysis

c) and the expository clarity and coherence of your paper

d) spelling and grammar. 

Each student must obtain approval from the instructor before beginning work on the assignment. You will post the title of your book in the discussion board area.

Step 2:

Steps in Choosing a Book for the Book Review Paper:

Choose a topic on Psychology and African-Americans.

Select a book from a reputable psychological database.

Obtain the instructor’s approval for your topic and book before submitting your paper.

Book Review Grading Rubric:

The assignment is worth 100 points.
Content Requirements:

  • Summarize the book: 10 points
  • Critical Analysis of the Author(s) and Your Individual Points:  30 points
  • Strengths and Limitations of the Book: 10 Points
  • Recommendations to Improve the Book:  5 Points
  • Relevance to Course: 15 Points
  • Written Requirements:

  • Adequate Description of Topic and Thoughtfulness of Analysis: 10 Points
  • Clarity and coherence of Paper and Spelling and Grammar: 10 Points
  • Correct APA Format: 10 Points

Please be aware that this is the general assignment for PSY 2110 and your professor may have altered the requirements. Always refer to your professor for the most up to date information.