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Faculty Resources: Material Request Form

This guide provides information about library services available to PGCC faculty.

Material Request

Use the following form to request materials from the library. All requests must be approved by your department chair or dean. Requested materials must be tied to a course or program taught here at the College. Funding does not permit purchases for personal interest. 

What happens next?

Your material request form will be forwarded to your department chair or dean via e-mail. Once they receive the notification e-mail, they will either approve or deny your request. 

Will I be notified if my request is sent to purchase?

Yes. You will receive an e-mail from the resource development librarian when your request is received, then a follow up e-mail notifying you of the action taken by the library.

My request was approved by my department chair or dean. Does this mean that my materials will be purchased?

No. Department chair or dean approval does not guarantee that your requested material will be purchased by the library. The final decision rests on the resource development librarian and/or director of the library, resource development policy and available funding.

Before You Use the Form

Material requests may take several weeks to process. Purchased materials first go through processing and cataloging before they can be used in the classroom. 

Don't want to wait? Consider using an alternative! Search one of the library's collections. We have a vast collection of print, electronic books, multimedia and streaming videos. 

Library Catalog (browse the library's print and multimedia collection)


Streaming Videos

Having difficulty using the form? Questions? Contact:

Robert Fernandez
Phone: 301-546-7566