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PSY 2190 - Social Psychology: PSY 2190

This Research Guide was developed for use with the PSY 2190 class taught by Dr. Lewis. It provides information on: psychology databases: how to access, search and manage articles, plagiarism, APA and books and e-books on psychology.

Social Psychology (PSY 2190)

This course covers predominant theories and research strategies, focusing on social cognition, including beliefs, judgments, behaviors and attitudes; social influence, including conformity, persuasion, and group influence; and social relations, including the theories and research on aggression, prejudice, attraction and intimacy, altruism, conflict, and peacemaking.

Social Sciences Department

The Social Sciences Department prepares students for a wide range of careers. With a focus on global studies, local studies, and psychology, the department prepares students to be critical thinkers.

Dr. Korey Brown
Department Chair

Address: Marlboro Hall (MH), Room 2054
Phone: (301) 546 - 0526  
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