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PSY 1010 - General Psychology: Anatomy of Research Articles

Anatomy of Research Articles

Parts of a Research Article - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires
  • Title - usually long and wordy
  • Author (s) – an article can have one, ten or more authors, their names will be listed along with their institutional affiliations
  • Abstract – a paragraph that lets you know what the article is about, a summary  
  • Introduction – where the authors talk about their research in a general way, usually includes a review of previous research done on the same topic (literature review)
  • Methodology – explains how the research was conducted, including description of the research population or study sample, and methods used to gather information or data
  • Results – the authors present the results of their study, usually includes charts or tables to present findings
  • Discussion – the authors analyze the findings, explain the significance of the research and possible implications, and suggest applications or future projects
  • References – a list of the sources the authors consulted to write their own article