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The Concept of Contributory Negligence in Maryland

Under Maryland law, an injured party cannot recover for damages if he was himself negligent and his negligence contributed partially to the injury. |  Creaser v. Owens, 267 Md. 238, 245 (quoting Shedlock v. Marshall) (1972).

The Five Elements of Negligence: Duty, Breach, Cause, Damage, and Proximate Cause

Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad - Duty, Foreseeability, and Proximate Cause

Judge Cardozo's opinion on whether Mrs. Palsgraf could recover for her injuries from the Long Island Railroad is standard reading for first year law students. His majority opinion and the dissenting opinion, written by Judge Andrews, established important principles of tort law.

Law Journal Articles on "Proximate Cause"