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Faculty Guide to Credo Information Literacy Modules

This guide goes into detail about how Credo Information Literacy Modules can benefit students & ways it can be integrated into learning.

Preview Information Literacy–Core Multimedia

Below you can find links to preview and descriptions of the videos, tutorials, and quizzes that are part of your library's Information Literacy–Core subscription.

Browse the materials below and contact Jeffrey Potter (Digital Services librarian) if you would like to use some of videos, tutorials, or quizzes in your class or Canvas. 


Get started

  • To share with students, right-click on the link and select Copy Link Address. Share link with students via email, etc.  
  • To add InfoLit content in Canvas follow the instructions in Graded Content or Ungraded Content in this guide.

Entire Information Literacy Tutorial & Pre/Post Test


Getting Started with Research


Evaluating Information


Information Ethics


Sources of Information


Presenting and Organizing Information


Visual and Quantitative Literacy


Searching for Information




Using Critical Thinking and Logic


Culture and Citizenship