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Engineering: Engineering


Engineers need to think logically, communicate effectively, and be well-grounded in science and mathematics. The Engineering Program provides the engineering, mathematics, science, and general education courses that are taken by all engineering students in their freshman and sophomore years.

Graduates of the Engineering A.S. will be able to:

  • Read, write, and speak English at a scientific level
  • Reason abstractly and think critically
  • Engage in qualitative and quantitative reasoning to interpret, analyze, and solve problems
  • Use appropriate methods of quantitative reasoning to understand, interpret, and manipulate numerical data
  • Understand and apply the scientific methods
  • Locate, evaluate, and effectively synthesize technical information
  • Use computers and other technology at a professional level
  • Apply ethical principles in professional and personal decision-making

Technology, Engineering, and Construction Department

Michael W. Smith
Department Chair

Address: CAT Room 129A
Phone: 301-546-0752
Website: Technology, Engineering, and Construction Department