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Physics: Physics


Natural Sciences Department​

The Natural Sciences Department prepares its students for a variety of careers in such fields as astronomy, biology, chemistry, and forensic science.

Dr. Mark Hubley
Department Chair

Address: Chesapeake Hall, Room 100
Phone: (301) 546-0422
Website: Natural Sciences Department














Barometer team members Prof. Alex Wong (on the ladder), Leonce Koyakosso (left), and Mark Mills (second from left) prepare to fill the barometer with water, while supporting faculty Prof. Gary Fry (third from left) and Prof. Scott Sinex (right) look on.



The barometer construction crew. From left to right, team member Mark Mills, volunteer Marsien Ngoufack, volunteer Xianxing Wang, team member Adekunle Olayiwola, volunteer Solomon Ekomteh, and team member Prof. Alex Wong.