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Statistical and Government Information: Statistical and Government Information

This guide provides access to a variety of statistical data from sources including the United States Government and the State of Maryland.

Statistical and Government Information

This guide will help you locate statistical data from a variety of sources. The sources contained within this guide are from the federal government and the state of Maryland government. Take a look around! When you are looking at any of these sites, don't hesitate to explore them further. They are rich in content and ideas for topics and discussions.

Statistical data and information can be a very powerful tool when presenting ideas and research in either a paper or a speech. They are often used to persuade and convince people when they are confronted with a choice or decision. However, statistics and data can be very challenging to understand, utilize, and apply.

Whenever you are faced with statistical information you will want to ask: Is this data sufficient? Where does the data come from? Who collected this data? How did they collect the data? What other data is needed?