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EGL 1010 - Composition I

This Research Guide was developed for use with the EGL 1010 classes taught at PGCC. It provides information on: databases: how to access, search and manage articles, plagiarism, MLA, books and e-books on writing, online and campus resources

English 1010 Research Paper

Subject / Topic:                 

This is a thesis-driven argumentative research paper.

Intended Audience:                           

Academic audience (tone, language, and style should be appropriate for an academic audience).


To make an original argument and support it with evidence.

Source Requirements:                      

A minimum of five academic sources are to be used for this paper. Three of the minimum five need to come from PGCC databases and/or PGCC library resources (print or electronic). Students will receive instruction from their professors as what constitutes academic research and how that differs from casual research.

Length Requirements:                      

Minimum length requirement is six full pages. Maximum length is 10 pages. The Works Cited / Reference page does not count towards page count.

Format / Style:                                   

MLA or APA documentation can be used for this assignment and is up to the section instructor’s discretion.

Deadline / Weight:                                            

Students must submit the paper between weeks 12 and 15. Instructors must return graded papers to students by the final exam period. This paper’s grade must constitute at least 15% of the student’s overall grade in the course.

The course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Write informative, analytical, and argumentative essays that demonstrate the student’s ability to
    • Formulate a restricted, unified and precise thesis statement;
    • Organize essay content into introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs;
    • Compose restricted, unified, and precise topic sentences for paragraphs;
    • Construct and organize unified, coherent, and well-developed paragraphs;
    • Apply grammar and usage rules correctly;
    • Develop clear, concise sentences.
  • Write research-based essays using secondary sources, successfully demonstrating the characteristics listed in Course Outcome 1.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use the library and online resources to locate and evaluate material relevant to the specific topic:
    • Record notes in sufficient detail and with accurate citations;
    • Synthesize several different sources into an essay to support its thesis;
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of plagiarism by correctly summarizing, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and acknowledging sources through in-text parenthetical and end-of-text bibliographic documentation according to MLA or APA format.