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Library Liaisons: Resource Development

The liaison librarians function as a contact between the departments and the Library. They share information about resources and solicit requests and suggestions for developing the library's collection.

Resource Development

The library has the ultimate responsibility for building and maintaining the collection, including decisions about storage, preservation, and weeding; collection interpretation; collection evaluation; and budgetary management. However, we welcome input from the College community.

For further information, please consult the document below.


Use the following resource development tools to help you find materials for your courses. 

Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries is the premier source for reviews of academic books, electronic media, and Internet resources of interest to those in higher education. More than 35,000 librarians, faculty, and key decision makers rely on Choice magazine and Choice Reviews Online for collection development and scholarly research. Choice reaches almost every undergraduate college and university library in the United States.

Use the following form to request materials from the library. 


Please contact your subject librarian if you have any questions, need help, or want to make purchase requests.