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Research Process: Online Catalog (OPAC)

This tutorial aims to help develop effective library research skills and critical thinking skills in all courses at Prince George's Community College.

Online Catalog (OPAC)

The online catalog is a specialized database that lists books, videos, sound recordings, and other media formats in the Prince George's Community College Library.

In addition to listing what the Library has in its collection, the online catalog provides the location of each item, its call number, the floor where it is shelved, and its availability.

Voyager, the online public catalog in the Prince George's Community College Library, allows you to identify books and multimedia sources.

Accessing the Online Catalog

To get started searching the online public access catalog (OPAC), it is important to understand how to access it. From the library's website - click on the link that says Library Catalog.

Using the online catalog will help you to locate:

  • circulating books with information on a subject, person, or an idea
  • circulating books on related topics
  • circulating books with retrospective information
  • reference books that will refine your topic
  • reference books that provide themes, timelines, and subjects

Circulating books are books which may be borrowed from the library. They can be located in the online catalog by subject, author, title, keywords, and using Boolean Operators.

The online catalog has a location field which tells you that these books are located on the second floor of the Library.

Reference books are books that provide factual information and lead to other information resources. They can also be located in the online catalog by subject, author, title, keywords, and using Boolean Operators.

The location field for these types of books indicate they are located on the first floor of the Library.