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First Year Experience Seminar (PAS 1000): Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt


Welcome to Prince George’s Community College. Your success is contingent on learning about campus resources. Take some time to travel around campus and the college’s website, with a classmate or by yourself and answer the following questions. Who knows what you’ll learn along the way to assist in both your academic and career success. Please remember to properly introduce yourself, this includes stating your name, explaining why you are there, and what professor/class sent you. Remember, proper introductions go a long way in first impressions!

Complete the questions below.

  1. What is the location of the Bookstore?
  2. Where is the President’s office? What is the name of the College President?
  3. Where is Novak Field House? List three things you can do there.
  4. Explore the Library. 
    • What campus and building is the library located?
    • Based on your major, what database is available to you on the library’s website?
  5. Find the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership.
    • What building is the Student Governance Association (SGA) located?
    • What are two other clubs/student organizations housed in that area?
  6. Safety is important at Prince George’s Community College. 
    • In case of an emergency on campus, what phone number do you dial? 
    • In case of a non-emergency, what number do you dial?
    • What purpose does Owl Alert serve?
    • Where do you go on the PGCC website to sign up for Owl Alert?
  7. Let’s learn more about the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs.
    • Where is the office located?
    • What is the name of the Interim Vice President of Student Affairs?
  8. Student ID Cards. 
    • Where can you obtain a student ID card?
    • What is the cost to replace a lost student ID card?
  9. Find the Financial Aid Office. Name the three different ways to fund your education through financial aid.
  10. Find the Office of Student Academic Planning and Career Readiness. Where is the office located?
  11. Let’s learn about the Health Education Center.  What are 3 services that the Health Education Center offers?
  12. PGCC partners with a number of four-year colleges and universities in the area. That means you can apply more of your PGCC credits directly toward your bachelor’s degree. Name 3 of our top transfer schools? 
  13. Name one performance scheduled this semester at PGCC’s new Center for Performing Arts.
  14. Let’s explore the Student Handbook. 
    • What page can the student Code of Conduct be found?
    • What office handles offenses of the Student Code of Conduct?
    • What is one violation from the Student Code of Conduct?
    • What form can a student use to submit an academic complaint?
    • Where is this form submitted?
    • According to the Student Handbook, who should you speak to before filing an academic complaint?
  15. Where on the PGCC website or campus would you go to when you need help with editing a paper?
  16. Outside of your professor, what college resource is available if you need a better understanding of a topic in a specific course?
  17. Academic ‘Pathways’ make it easier for students to choose their academic or career options, and to be confident that they’ve made the right choice.  Pathways also provide students with a clear map to success in achieving their goals, with tools to stay on track, saving time and money.  Within which Pathway is your major included?

Please be aware that this is the general scavenger hunt for PAS 1000 and your professor may have altered the questions. Always refer to your professor for the most up to date information.