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Dance: Assignments


Dance Company Brochure

Create a brochure to highlight a professional dance company visit to Prince George’s Community College Center for Performing Arts

Page 1: Name and Primary Full page representative picture of the dance company. Include:

  • Title of Company
  • Date (your choice in Spring 2020)
  • Time (evening performance)
  • Location (CPA performance theater name)

Pages 2 & 3:

An overview of the company (500 words or more) and current Artistic Director (300 words or more) to support your choice. Include:

  • Description of the event, highlighting the major achievements of the company.
  • Discussion of 2 major works (full evening works not permitted) performed.
  • One review of each work with in-text citation highlighting the validity of the work.
  • Two pictures of the works and company with picture citation.
  • Biographical information on the A.D.
  • One picture of the A.D.

Dance Company PowerPoint

Slide 1: Name and Representative picture of the dance company

  • Use same information and picture from page 1 of the brochure
  • Include your name

Slide 2: Include the mission statement of the dance company

Slides 3 & 4: Include both video links (embed directly into PowerPoint as opposed to just copying/pasting the link) with the following information:

  • Title of Dance
  • Year first premiered with the company
  • Music Composer/Composition

Slides 5 & 6: Analyze/Supply feedback on your selection.

  • What is the significance based on your selection's perceived impact to the community of Prince George’s County? (Three bullets of 2 sentences each (Minimum 200 words))
  • What is your feedback of your selection (Two bullets of 2 sentences each (Minimum 100 words))
  • How does this connect with what you learned from class? (Two bullets of 2 sentences each (Minimum 100 words))

Slide 7: Works Cited 

  • Include all sourced material (Text, Pictures, and Videos) from Topic Form/Brochure/PowerPoint in alphabetical order and MLA format.

Dance (DAN 1010)

This course provides an exploration of the aesthetic and socio-cultural aspects that shape dance as an art form and entertainment, from its early historical origins to contemporary trends.