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EGL 2230: Children's Literature: Young Adult Literature

Young Adult Literature

"The conventional definition of “young adult” has expanded to include those as young as ten and, since the late 1990s, as old as twenty-five. “Literature,” which traditionally meant fiction, has also expanded to include new forms of literary – or narrative — nonfiction and new forms of poetry, including novels and book-length works of nonfiction in verse. The increasing importance of visual communication has begun to expand this definition to include the pictorial, as well, especially when offered in combination with text as in the case of picture books, comics, and graphic novels and nonfiction...

Though once dismissed as a genre consisting of little more than problem novels and romances, young adult literature has, since the mid-1990’s, come of age as literature – literature that welcomes artistic innovation, experimentation, and risk-taking."

Cart, Michael. "The Value of Young Adult Literature." , Young Adult Library Services Association, Jan. 2008, Accessed 5 Sept. 2018.

YA Book Lists:

Recommended Online Resources:

Listed here is just a small selection of the YA books that are available at PGCC.

Young Adult materials are currently shelved in the Children's & Young Adult Literature Collection on the 2nd floor of Accokeek Hall.

YA award winners at PGCC:

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