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Technology, Engineering and Construction Management: Online Resources

Internet Resources


Below is a list of the websites of organizations offering professional certifications. Most of these websites link to additional training and study materials, networking groups, and career information. 


Most information that is published on the Web is not filtered and evaluated like books, journals, magazines, or newspapers. Since there are no guidelines for publishing on the Web, it is important to evaluate Web sites before including them in a research paper or using them for other purposes.

Do you need more information about how to evaluate Internet sources? Check out this page on Evaluating Websites.

Online Courses in Math and Computer Science

Many of the world's top universities have partnered with online education platforms to offer free online courses to the public. 

Online Tutorials for Coding and Web Development

Many websites provide tutorials on web and software development. You can access content for free on the websites listed below. For a more complete list of web resources check out the educational group Girl Develop It's fantastic resources page including online resources and books on HTML/CSS, Javascript, Ruby/Rails, Python, and Android.

Open Textbooks are textbooks licensed under an open copyright license and are online and free to use. 

Other Sources for Videos Online

There are many free online video tutorials on the subjects of math, computer science and information technology. Below is a list of just a few. 

Researching Careers

You can access the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics's Occupational Outlook Handbook online. This website contains information on careers in different fields, including engineering and information technology. Each entry includes information on compensations and benefits, working environment, educational requirements and a list of related occupations. 

O*Net is a similar website that is sponsored by the U.S. Bureau of Labor. You can search to find overviews of specific careers or career fields. 

Visit Prince George's Community College's Career Services to find out about upcoming events, like career fairs and workshops, as well as information on internships and career planning.  

Researching College and Universities

The College Board has a created a resource for researching four year colleges and universities. You can search for schools by major, location, and cost among other factors. 

Technology blogs can keep you up to date with the information and engineering technology industry.