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E-books: E-books

This Research Guide offers information on the e-books available through the Library.

E-book Collections

What is an ebook?

The Oxford Dictionary of English defines an e-book "an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device."

The library offers e-books through the following services (for more information on each service, click on the title):

In addition to the services provided by the Library, some books that have been placed in the public domain can be found for free online. You can find an assortment of these websites in this section:

How eBooks Work

What do I need to read an e-book?

The e-books provided by the PGCC Library can be read online using your computer's browser. To view the e-book, click on the title that you want to read. A new window will launch with your selection. (If you are off-campus you'll need to login with your OWL Link username and password.) 

Mobile Devices

E-books can also be read using a web enabled mobile device. Navigate your tablet or phone's browser to the PGCC library's website and choose E-book Collections from the menu. To view the e-book click on the title and a new window will launch with your selection. (To access e-books through your mobile device you will need to login with your OWL Link username and password.) 

Who can borrow e-books?

E-books can be used by enrolled students, faculty, administrators, and staff.

Do I need to download any programs to view them?

At this time, the e-books provided by the PGCC library do not require any additional software to view/read. All titles can be access through the PGCC library website with a web browser.

Can I search e-books?

Yes, all the e-books can be searched. Once you have accessed the e-book, use the search function. In some cases, multiple volumes can be searched by clicking the "all volumes" option. 

What other features are available?

Most e-book providers have a range of additional features available:

  • Text or PDF View
  • Download PDF to e-reader 
  • Highlight text
  • Create notes

For more in depth information, click on the tabs above to learn about the library's different e-book collections.