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A Safe Space for LGBTQ+: LGBTQ+ Safe Space

As a part of the Safe Space initiative, the resources and information within this guide is for the commitment to diversity, respect, and support of all students.

A Safe Space for LGBTQ+




The information and resources contained within this guide are for you to feel affirmed and informed.

Within this guide, you will find streaming videos, books from our collection that you can borrow, e-books that you can read on your computer, and resources from the World Wide Web. There are also tips and techniques for efficient research within the LGBTQ+ disciplines. And finally, there is a link back to the library's web site.

Look around this guide will help you understand yourself and others better.

You have a staff of Librarians dedicated to assisting you with any questions you have. We're here to help and we're glad you're here. 

We want you to feel safe!