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Tutoring and Writing Centers: Grammar Clinic

Location: Lanham Hall, Room 114 Conference Room
Hour: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Date: Every Wednesday
Individual grammar tutoring is also available by appointment at the Writing Center.  

The Grammar Clinic offers a non-judgmental arena for learning with no tests, homework, or grades. It also creates a community of learners who come from across the college community – students at all levels, both credit and continuing education/workforce development; staff, faculty, and administration. The workshops range from the elements of grammar, to the tools of grammar analysis, and rhetorical grammar.

Grammar Clinic Subjects:


September 11

From Paper Plate Players to Bicycles – The Fundamental Principles of Grammar

September 8

The Noun Palette: Common and Proper, Concrete and Abstract, Morphing Words

September 25

Verbs, the Power Behind the Sentence: Action, State of Being, Regular, Irregular
(Location: Accokeek Hall, Room 109)

October 2

The Perfect Accessories – Adjectives and Adverbs; see examples from literature and create your own paragraphs which use these powerful modifiers

October 9

“Twas Brillig and the Slithy Toves” – Structure Words, the Sentence’s Essential Glue

October 16

Subjects and Verbs – Paper Plate Players Expanded Edition and Law and Order – Special Sentence Unit

October 23

Two Sentence Analyzing Tools: Slotting and Diagramming

October 30

From Part to Whole but Not Too Much – Surefire Methods for Finding and Correcting Sentence Fragments and Run-on Sentences
(Location: Accokeek Hall, Room 109)

November 6

A Matter of Agreement – Subject and Verb; Pronoun and Reference

November 13

Writing with Detail, Depth, and Dimension by using Prepositional phrases, adverbs and Appositives

November 20

It’s Party Time!

Celebrate the end of another successful semester with games, prizes and Grammar Warrior Certificates! Test your wits with grammar games: Sentence Error Bingo and Grammar Jeopardy. 

Prizes and refreshments will be available for all participants.