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Tutoring and Writing Centers: Grammar Clinic

Location: Lanham Hall, Room 114 Conference Room
Hour: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Date: Every Wednesday
Individual grammar tutoring is also available by appointment at the Writing Center.  

The Grammar Clinic offers a non-judgmental arena for learning with no tests, homework, or grades. It also creates a community of learners who come from across the college community – students at all levels, both credit and continuing education/workforce development; staff, faculty, and administration. The workshops range from the elements of grammar, to the tools of grammar analysis, and rhetorical grammar.

Grammar Clinic Subjects:


February 6

From Paper Plate Players to Bicycles – The Fundamental Principles of Grammar

February 13

The Noun Palette: Common and Proper, Concrete and Abstract, Morphing Words

February 20

Verbs, the Power Behind the Sentence: Action, State of Being, Regular, Irregular
(Location: Accokeek Hall, Room 109)

February 27

The Perfect Accessories – Adjectives and Adverbs; see examples from literature and create your own paragraphs which use these powerful modifiers

March 6

“Twas Brillig and the Slithy Toves” – Structure Words, the Sentence’s Essential Glue

March 13

Subjects and Verbs – Paper Plate Players Expanded Edition and Law and Order – Special Sentence Unit

March 27

The Bridges of Grammar County – from the Free write Footbridge, to the Structured Cantilever, and the Suspension Argument

April 3

Two Sentence Analyzing Tools: Slotting and Diagramming

April 10

From Part to Whole but Not Too Much – Surefire Methods for Finding and Correcting Sentence Fragments and Run-on Sentences
(Location: Accokeek Hall, Room 109)

April 17 

A Matter of Agreement – Subject and Verb; Pronoun and Reference

April 24

Writing with Detail, Depth, and Dimension by using Prepositional phrases, adverbs and Appositives

May 1 

It’s Party Time!

Celebrate the end of another successful semester with games, prizes and Grammar Warrior Certificates! Test your wits with grammar games: Sentence Error Bingo and Grammar Jeopardy. 

Prizes and refreshments will be available for all participants.