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Guide for PGCC students and faculty in using and accessing content in the JSTOR database.


What is JSTOR?

JSTOR is a database which contains millions of academic journal articles and thousands of scholarly e-books in many different fields, including history, education, literature, and science.

Unfortunately, the PGCC library does not subscribe to JSTOR. There are many databases and PGCC cannot afford to supply all of them, so we must select the ones that most fit the needs of our students. However, this guide will show you how you can use and access free JSTOR content and provide other ways to access JSTOR content through other PGCC library databases. 

To search JSTOR, visit


Free JSTOR Content

A lot of what you can find on JSTOR is free. This content falls into three categories:

  • Public domain material: Journal articles published before 1924 are in the public domain in the US, and JSTOR provides many (but not all) of these pre-1924 articles for free.
  • Open access content: This is content that creators and publishers have released under an open access license, which includes thousands of current journal articles and books.
  • Register and Read: If you register for a free JSTOR account, JSTOR will allow you to read (but not print or download) 100 articles per month from a selected set of content for free. 

You can also search JSTOR for free, which allows you to find articles and content you may need, even if you can't read it right away. We can help you find that content elsewhere. 

Searching JSTOR

You can search JSTOR just like any other database, just use the search bar on the front page of JSTOR. Clicking on Advanced Search will allow you to search for specific types of content (articles, books, book reviews, etc.), specific dates, fields of study, and other options. 

By default, a JSTOR search will present you only the content you can access. Since we don't pay for JSTOR, you will only be able to access the free content listed above.

However, you can still search for content in JSTOR that you can't read by clicking on "All Content" and the PGCC library can help you find that content elsewhere. This way you can still take advantage of the power and depth of a JSTOR search in your research process. JSTOR will indicate content you can't read fully with an.

Finding JSTOR Content at the PGCC Library

While many users prefer JSTOR, remember that you can still find much JSTOR content in other databases, including many of the databases from the PGCC library. 

One quick way to find JSTOR content at PGCC is to just cut and paste the title of an article from JSTOR into the general search at PGCC.  Here's an example of an article from JSTOR  and the same article in the PGCC library catalog:

If the content you want isn't available through the PGCC library, we will likely still be able to provide it to you through our Interlibrary Loan service. Just fill out a request form and in many cases we can provide what you need in as quickly as a week. You can always find a link to our Interlibrary Loan request form on the front page of the library under Research Tools:

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