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Who wrote the article?

Who wrote the article?

You can search for articles by a particular author by name, either by using regular search or by clicking on their name on one of their articles to find other articles written by them.   Unfortunately, you cannot search by their credentials, such as searching for all articles written by a radiologist or a nurse.  However, every journal article should contain information that will allow you to identify the authors and their credentials.

At the top of most articles with be the names of the authors.  Often they will have footnotes letting you know that you should look at the bottom of the page or the bottom of the article for more information. 

What information will you usually see about each author?

  • Their name
  • Their degree and/or other credentials, often indicated with post-nominal letters.  These are the abbreviations after a name indicating a degree or professional society, such as RN for "registered nurse". 
  • Their institutional affiliation, such as a hospital or university.
  • Sometimes you will see a digital identifier like an ORCID or GRID number which will lead you to a webpage that will provide more information about the person.  See an example of an ORCID page here.

If you are having particular difficulty finding an article written by a nurse or other specific type of medical professional, you might try searching for your topics in publications with particular keywords in the title.  The example below will return articles only from publications with the word "nursing" somewhere in the title.  Make sure you search by "publication title" and not keyword.  This will not automatically return only articles written by nurses, but it will give you a selection of articles more likely to have been written by one.   Keep in mind that this will drastically reduce the number of search results so we recommend it only as a last resort.