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Tutoring and Writing Centers: Learning Commons FAQ

Learning Commons FAQ

Writing Center FAQS

  • Who are the Writing Center tutors? 
    • Tutors at the Writing Center are faculty with many years of experience dealing with writing.
  • What services do Writing Center tutors provide?
    • Tutors help students generate ideas, develop and support thesis statements, organize material, integrate and document sources, and refine sentences. In addition, grammar specialists are available to address grammar and style issues at the sentence level.  
  • Do you tutor classes other than English? 
    • Yes, we will help with any writing assignment for any credit class.
  • Can you help with a scholarship application essay? 
    • Yes.
  • Will you proofread my paper? 
    • We are not an editing/proofreading service. We will work with you to identify problems so you can improve your writing.
  • Do you take drop-ins?  
    • When we have openings, we take drop-ins on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Do you offer any other kinds of online tutoring?
    • Yes, we offer tutoring via email: Send your question or paper to, using your PGCC email account. Please do not send attachments; cut and paste your message into the email.   

How Can I have a Productive Writing Center Session?

Be On Time

  • Tutoring sessions are scheduled by appointment for thirty minutes on the hour and half-hour 
  • If you are more than ten minutes late, you will forfeit your appointment

State Your Needs Clearly

  • Identify what you would like to accomplish in your tutoring session
  • For example, do you need help:
    • clarifying the assignment?
    • developing a thesis?
    • organizing your ideas?
    • investigating your topic?
    • documenting sources?
  • Plan ahead so you know what your goals are for the session

Have Your Materials Ready

  • If on campus
    • be prepared to show the tutor a written description of your assignment.
    • If your instructor has not provided one, please request one prior to arriving.
    • Have your written work printed or available on a USB drive, completed, and corrected to the best of your ability.
  • If online
    • ​​​​​​​Be prepared to share your screen and show the tutor whatever written work you have completed, corrected to the best of your ability.
    • In addition, have your textbook, handouts, and any other materials you may need during the tutoring session available.

Allow Enough Time for Revision

  • Good writing requires rewriting.
  • Be sure to schedule your appointment well ahead of the due date so you have time to rework your paper.
  • You may want to allow enough time for a follow-up session to go over the changes you make.

Be Open to Suggestions

  • Your tutor knows that the writing process can be frustrating, and wants to be helpful.
  • Listen with an open mind.