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English: Assignments


Composition I: Expository Writing (EGL 1010)

University-parallel freshman English. Fundamentals of effective prose writing, including research-based informative, analytical, and argumentative essays.

Composition II: Writing About Literature (EGL 1020)

Second semester composition using literature as the subject for discussion and writing. Study various kinds of literature (e.g., drama, poetry, short story).

Composition II: Writing for Business (EGL 1320)

Preparation of business documents, including letters, memoranda, email, short reports, research reports, graphics, and job search portfolio. Focus on audience analysis to choose appropriate voice, style, content, and structure for effective written, oral, and visual communication in business and professions. A continuation and extension of the rhetorical principles and composition skills addressed in EGL-1010.

Please be aware that your professor may have altered the requirements. Always refer to your professor for the most up to date information.