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English: EGL 1320 Writing for Business

Composition II: Writing for Business (EGL 1320)

Every 1320 section must include the following writing assignments:

  • Correspondence, using a combination of formats, such as letter, memo, e-mail, text, IM, and social media, to include:
  • Formal Research Project (the formal research project should include a research proposal, a formal report, a formal oral presentation (with electronic presentation software), and progress report
  • Additional writing assignments could include other informal reports, such as meeting minutes, group activities, or response/journal assignments

Formal Research Project Criteria, requires the following:

  • Make an argument
  • integrate a minimum of five appropriate secondary sources; three of the minimum five should come from PGCC databases and / or PGCC library resources (print or electronic)
  • integrate primary research (questionnaire, interview, or the like)
  • write a minimum of five body pages per collaborative team member, not counting front and back matter; students who prepare individual formal reports should write between 5-7 body pages, not counting front and back matter
  • Include APA citations

Additional class requirements:

  • At least one writing assignment must be a collaborative project.
  • At least one writing assignment must demonstrate a practical understanding of multicultural or international audiences.
  • At least one writing assignment must demonstrate that students know the difference in substance and style between memo, email, IM, texting, and social media.
  • Students must produce a minimum of 18-20 pages of business-style writing over the course of the semester.
  • At least 70% of the overall course grade must be based on business-style writing.

​Please be aware that this is the assignment for English 1320, however your professor may have altered the requirements. Always refer to your professor for the most up to date information.