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Tutoring and Writing Centers: Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center provides instructional support to all students. Services include individual tutoring by appointment in-person and remote, drop-in assistance (when a tutor is available), guided small-group study sessions, and assistance for related computer software.

The Tutoring and Writing Centers will provide online and in-person tutoring for this semester.

 All appointments will be made by phone:  301-546-0748.

 Appointment information and online links will be sent to your PGCC student email.

Hours of operation for the Tutoring & Writing Center's Scheduling Desk:

Monday - Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:30 pm 
Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 3:30pm

Sunday: Closed

Message from the Coordinator

  • In-person tutoring will be by appointment and drop-ins, if available
  • Online tutoring will be held in Zoom.  It will utilize your computer’s microphone and camera. We recommend that you use the Zoom application or the Google Chrome web browser.
  • You may make 1 appointment per day/maximum of 2 appointments per week, per subject. We require 24 hours notice of any cancellations.

Information Needed to Schedule Your Appointment

  • Please check the tutor’s current weekly availability
  • Look for your course and an available appointment time
  • Please consider an alternate time in case your first choice is not available
  • When you are ready to make an appointment, call the Scheduling Desk at 301-546-0748
  • Please be ready to provide the following:
    • Your 7 digit student ID number
    • Your Name (first and last)
    • Your PGCC student email address
    • Your course number (e.g. CHM 1010)
    • The tutor’s name
    • The time you would like to meet (may need to provide an alternate time)
  • Upon verification and if that time is available, you will be scheduled and sent a confirmation email to your PGCC student email. Please read and save this confirmation.

How To Join Your Scheduled Online Tutoring Session

  • Enter the link that you were provided in your Student email in your web browser.
  • Type your name (first and last) and click “Join.”
  • You will be placed in a waiting room and your tutor will admit you at your scheduled tutoring time.
  • Please wait patiently for the tutor to admit you into the session

What is Expected of Me, the Student?

  • You are expected to arrive ON TIME for each of your online appointments
  • You should have books, lecture notes, syllabi, and assignments with you
  • You should read and attempt any assigned material prior to coming to your online appointment
  •  You should move to a quiet room and try to keep background noises low before starting your online appointment

What Will the Tutoring Center Not Do?

  • The Tutoring Center will not do your homework for you. It is your responsibility to come prepared.
  • The Tutoring Center will not provide answers to take-home tests or assignments that count toward your final course grade.
  • The Tutoring Center will not sign off that you have attended a tutoring appointment.
What Subjects are Available?
Tutoring in the following subjects is offered: 
  • Accounting (ACC)
  • Biology (BIO)
  • Chemistry (CHM)
  • Developmental Learning Support (DLS)
  • Information Technology (INT) 
  • Math (MAT)    
  • Nursing (NUR)  
  • Physical Science (PSC)
  • Physics (PHY)
  • Spanish (SPN)  
Subject availability changes each semester. On a weekly basis, students may make an appointment for subjects in which they are currently enrolled.

Lisa Maranto -

Tutoring Center Coordinator/
Associate Professor
Telephone: (301) 546-0082
Office: Lanham Hall 114I

Marcia Dawson -

Coordinator/Writing Center
Telephone: (301) 546-0096
Office: Lanham Hall 114I

Diane Corbin - 

Administrative Specialist
Telephone: (301) 546-0589
Office: Lanham Hall 114H

DeJuan Jones -

Scheduling Technician
Telephone: (301) 546-0711
Office: Lanham Hall 114H

Judi Singleton - 

Scheduling Technician
Telephone: (301) 546-0748
Office: Lanham Hall 114H

The Tutoring and Writing Centers are part of the Library and Learning Resources