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Canvas and Library Resources

How to add and use library resources in Canvas using persistent links and LTIs

Linking to Alexander street collections 

Basic steps for adding Alexander Street videos

1. Go to the library website and click on Streaming videos under resources

2. Search Academic Video Online: Premium to find a streaming video

3. Select the video you want from the search results

4. Click on the title to display the detailed record

5. Under the video player, click on Embed/Link 

6.  Copy the link or embed code

7. Open Canvas and paste the link or embed code where you want to share the video in the course.

Step 5 - Under the video player, click on Embed/Link 


Step 6Copy the link or embed code

Add Library Resources to a Canvas course

Instructors can integrate the library's streaming videos in Canvas with either the Persistent link or Embed code from the streaming video databases. 


Persistent links via Rich Text Editor 

Instructors can add a Persistent link from the Rich Text Editor in Canvas areas: file, assignment, discussion, page, and quiz. Use the links button to add a streaming video from a library database.


Embed code via Rich Text Editor

Instructors can add a library resource using the embed code from a database in the Rich Text editor in Canvas areas: file, assignment, discussion, page, quiz. 

Step 1 - In the Rich Text Editor, click on the Embed icon

Step 2 - Paste the Embed code and click submit to add the video