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Canvas and Library Resources

How to add and use library resources in Canvas using persistent links and LTIs

Linking to a Library Research Guide

Basic steps: 

1. Go the library website and click on Research Guides

2. Find a guide you want to use and click on the title

3. Look for the friendly URL at the bottom of the page

4. Copy the Library guide URL 

5. Open Canvas and use the guide URL in any Canvas area where you want to share the content

Follow steps 1-2, choosing a research guide from the library website

 Step 3 - Look for the friendly URL at the bottom of the page

     Continue following the instructions and steps below to add the research guide to the course 

Add Library Research Guide to a Canvas course

Instructors can add a library guide to their Canvas course with the library guide's URL. 

After copying the URL of the research guide, The instructor can add it to a course module or paste it using the Rich Text Editor.    


Course Module 

Guide URLs are available from any library research guide. The image below shows step two. The instructor will need to choose "External URL" from the drop down menu and add the library guide's URL in the URL box.  

Step 1- Open a Course in Canvas and click + in the Module header

Step 2- Select external URL; add the resource URL and the page name

Step 3-  Click Add Item   


Rich Text Editor 

Instructors can add Persistent links from the Rich Text editor in Canvas. Use the links button to add a library resource.

Step 1 - Copy the research guide's URL.

Step 2 -  Use the Rich Text Editor and click on the links icon  

Step 3 - Add text and Guide URL in the Text and Link boxes, click Done to add the Library guide