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Canvas and Library Resources

How to add and use library resources in Canvas using persistent links and LTIs

African-American history resources in Canvas 

The resources listed are available for African-American history when using the LTI tool

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Images

African-American history resources can be add in the Canvas areas

  • File 
  • Assignment 
  • Page 
  • Quiz 
  • Discussion

African-American History LTI Tool  

Instructors can integrate the library's digital resources (eBooks, Articles, Streaming videos ect) in Canvas courses using the LTI tool. The LTI tool for African-American History allows instructors to add resources as documents or resource links.

In step 2, the instructor will need to choose external tool from the drop-down menu. The next step is to select African-American History to search and add an Article, Streaming video, or Image to the course.  

LTI steps to add African-American history resources 

Step 1 - Open a Canvas course and click + in the Module header

Step 2 - Select external tool from the drop down box; choose African-American history from the external tool list
Step 3 - Search for a resource in African-American history by keyword or title

Step 4 - Choose a resource and from the drop down box click Embed choose from Small, Medium, Large.


Step 5 - On the Add Item to box, click Add Item button  


Add a African-American history resource to a course

Instructors can add a library resource using the LTI Tool from the Rich Text editor in Canvas. Use the apps button to search African-American history and add a library digital resource.

Steps 1 & 2 - In the Rich Text Editor, click the Apps icon and choose African-American History from the Apps list  

Step 3 & 4 - Search by keyword or title; Choose a resource, and from the drop down box click Record URL button  


Step 5 - Click Copy to save the persistent link and Paste the link where you need it.