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Canvas and Library Resources

How to add and use library resources in Canvas using persistent links and LTIs

ProQuest Ebooks

An alternative method to using permalinks is to add a chapter of a ProQuest eBook to your Canvas course.

Note that there is a limit to the number of pages you can download. 

1. Go to the library website and click on E-book Collections

2. Search Ebook Central to find an eBook

3. Select the eBook you want from the search results

4. Click on a title to display the detailed record

5. Under Availability, you can see the different options for downloading sections of the book.

6. Open Canvas and add the book chapter to the course where you want to share the book chapter.

Step 5 - Click the Download PDF Chapter link  

Step 5a - Select the book chapter and click Download PDF 

Step 5b - Click the Download button when the Ready for Download box pops up 

Number of Users

Follow the directions for steps 1 through 4 above.

Step 5 - After clicking on the title and displaying the detailed record, look under Availability.

   This will tell you how many copies are available for simultaneous/concurrent use or how many views of the title are available.

Availability of eBook copies highlighted.

This means that we have a limited number of loans per year for that title (number of loans varies by title) and unlimited simultaneous user access. A loan instance is defined as access by an individual patron within a 24-hour period that exceeds the free browse period (10 minutes) or if the user chooses to download, copy or print from the eBook. Once all loans are used up for a title, we will no longer have access to the title. Loan days renew on the anniversary of a purchase.